Online Courses:

Scrying – Successful Divination using a Crystal Ball

This short online course is an ideal launchpad for beginners. In this course, Amanda will guide you to develop the skills you need to successfully Scry and Divine with a Crystal Ball.

Your ‘Introduction to Scrying’ includes modules on 

  • How to choose your best Crystal Ball, 
  • How to clear and then programme your Crystal
  • How to bond with your Crystal Ball
  • How to divine using your Crystal Ball 
  • How to reveal the meaning in the responses you receive. 

*A bonus module is included which covers how to stay safe while Scrying – an essential ability for anyone that’s serious about Scrying.

Overcoming homesickness for Starseeds

Did you know that Starseeds face real challenges here on the planet?

You are here to bring your essential light and your celestial knowledge …but it does feel hard to deal with at times.

This ‘one of a kind course’ is designed to meet the needs of Starseeds that are feeling overwhelmed and a long way from home. 

This course forms a unique toolkit for any Starseeds who feel they are not yet thriving on this Blue Green rock.

Includes modules on:

  • What a Starseed is and why Starseeds are here on the Planet Earth at this time in history
  • Establishing if you are a Starseed and if so which kind (or kinds)
  • Could you be a sound and light vibration and why it’s important to know if you are
  • How much of your DNA is human and what you can do to feel more ‘whole’
  • Why being on THIS planet is a challenge for you…and the best remedies for it!Plus, Amanda has designed a set of energetic exercises specifically for Starseeds.

Follow at your own pace with this ‘anytime’ access course.

Module based learning with energetic  exercises set by Amanda personally. You’ll be feeling better in no time! 

Available early November 2020