Divination works on the principle that everything is connected to everything else in a massive interconnecting energy grid.

Crystal balls are a portal to the store of Akashic records that are held as a complete library of all that is, has been and ever shall be.

What will your crystal ball reveal to you?


Divination works on the principle that everything is connected to everything else on an energetic level. It’s like a massive interconnecting grid.

Once you understand that you can then glean information on pretty much anything as long as you can find the right ‘connector’ to enable you to gain access to this the infinite grid then you can ask and receive answers on an infinite basis!

“Divination works because everything is connected to everything else”

Divination using a crystal ball

Most people access the infinite energy grid using tools like Oracle or tarot cards, runes and stones, sticks, shells, crystals, patterns that form in teacups from loose tea leaves, crystal balls and such.

The person who connects to the tool is able to access the grid and interpret the information relayed back to them via their tool. The clarity of the answer gleaned will be dependant upon the conviction and experience of the Diviner and their ability to empty their mind to allow for clarity receiving the answer.

The information is always relayed correctly from the cosmic energy grid but may or may not be interpreted effectively by the diviner.

This article focusses specifically on using a crystal ball for scrying (divination)

“Scrying creates an energy portal for two way communication with other planes”

Portals and Gateways


Divination using a crystal ball is an art. It is known by many names including Scrying, crystal gazing or crystallomancy. Scrying enables an energy portal to be opened temporarily. Information from the Akashic records can be brought through this gateway, so too can communication from other planes. Divination is most often considered to be very one way – from ‘there’ to here but that’s not the case.

Once you understand that you can then glean information on pretty much anything as long as you can find the right ‘connector’ to enable you to gain access to this the infinite grid then you can ask and receive answers on an infinite basis!
“Water clear quartz crystal balls are most popular for crystal ball gazing”

What you can learn

Scrying can be used for divination of information and events that relate to your own life or to the lives of people you know. You can use scrying to contact Spirit guides and Helpers, Grand Masters and access knowledge from the Higher Realms. Whether your quest relates to the past, present or future you can obtain information that relates to your questions.

What types of crystals can you use to scry?

Most often people scry using crystal balls, these balls can be clear or mostly clear and created out of clear quartz or glass. Or, you can scry with any material that would work like a clear crystal ball – a pool or bowl of water for example. You can also scry using dull or opaque objects too. The only requirement is that there is some form of reflective surface for the scryer to focus upon. Polished obsidian would be ideal for this (that’s completely black but highly reflective) or smoky quartz or cornelian (where the reading can be taken from off the surface or by reading the unique patterning on and within the crystal salt ball itself.

Akashic records

Scrying allows access to the Akashic records. Akashic records contain ALL the information for ALL souls across ALL time, realities and dimensions.

Scrying opens up a channel between you and other planes. You can both receive and transmit information and energy communications using this kind of portal.

Be careful what you ask for if you send a desire up the line!


How to Guide

A spiritual manual

Common Names:

  • Scrying
  • Crystal gazing
  • Crystal ball gazing
  • Crystallomancy

What happens when you scry?

The gazer stills their mind, clears their thoughts and allows their eyesight to become slightly blurred.

Then, in this relaxed state, they allow visions or impressions to manifest in their mind’s eye which they then interpret to bring through knowledge.


Time to do

15 – 20 minutes


What you need

Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball stand
Dark cloth for wrapping up your crystal ball
Dark table cloth
Candle and matches
Notepad and pencil

What you do

Make sure that you won’t be disturbed or distracted. Place a dark cloth over your table and put your crystal on the table in front of you, holding it steady by resting it on a small plinth or ring holder or it will roll away!

You will need dim light, ideally, place a small candle at or below eye level.

Set your intention for your session.  You might like a pad and pencil ready to write down what impressions come to you so you don’t forget.

Put a vortex of protection in place. Imagine you are now sitting in a loving space that will nurture and protect you. Ask your guides and helpers to step forward and your gatekeeper to stand guard over you as you open to work.

Commit to working for the highest good and for the benefit of all. Ask that you do nothing to change or adversely affect sacred contracts for all concerned.

Ask for direct access to the Akashic records.

Then breathe gently and relax.

Allow yourself to gaze into or just beyond the crystal. You may find that you will see a vision in on on the crystal or you may find that the vision manifests in your mind. Either way,  don’t overthink what you get. Relay what you receive exactly as you receive it whether it makes sense or not.

The crystal acts as a focal point, a gateway for visions, ideas, symbols, pictures and more. allow what comes to flow. Note down any visions you have exactly as they appeared to you. Don’t change or over think them. You can take a look later on.


Finish off

When you finish your connection with the crystal it is important to re-ground yourself and to ensure that the portal that you have opened is firmly closed again. 

You do this by thanking the crystal and those who have come to assist you. You then visualise a door closing tightly shut (or the petals of an open flower closing into a tight ball. Blink a few times, press your fingertips together and wiggle your toes, stretch.

Take two or three deep breaths. Change your consciousness so that you are ‘back’ in the room. Switch on a side light, blow out the candle. Now take a look at the notes you made.


Storage & Cautions

Take the crystal and wrap it in a dark cloth. Store it away in a cupboard in a north facing room.



Anything else

How to Choose your Crystal Ball

Owning your own Crystal ball is very special. When you make a connection with your own crystal ball it will become a lifelong partnership. Even though you may own more than one crystal ball there will be a single crystal ball that will bond with you and become your firm favourite.

Although there are a wide variety of crystal balls on the market there is no right or wrong crystal ball for you. Choose a crystal with the energy that speaks to you. Choose the crystal ball that feels at home in your energy field too.

There are plenty of natural crystal options to choose from. Besides Clear Crystal Quartz you could choose from Smokey quartz, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian, Flourite and Obsidian.

Are there other forms of divination?

Yes there are. If you like the idea of divination you could also enjoy Pyromancy, (Divination using fire and flames), Ornithomancy (Divination observing birds), Geomancy (Divination through observing markings and patterns).