Cleanse your Aura using 12 Light Sieves

Cleansing your Aura will improve your well-being

One of the things I think we could all do with more of is to take better care of our energy field. Our focus is most often on our body, our mind and our spirit…and your personal energy field ends up overlooked. I’d like to teach you a really easy to follow exercise to help you cleanse your Aura.

What is an Aura?

The Aura or Auric field is an electromagnetic energy field. It surrounds your body entirely. It’s egg shaped and it is made up of 12 nested layers.

“I feel your Auric field is a connection device. It’s a communication device and also a protection device.”

I can tell a lot about a person by observing their Aura. 

When I look into an Aura during a therapy session I’m searching for anything that may have a detrimental effect on the quality of energy in the Aura and it’s many layers.

I search the Aura for mists and stagnant clouds. Are the layer naturally formed. Is there any energetic junk, any limiting blockages or damage that I can see? Are the layers pulled in too much or could they be overly expanded? Are there any holes or tears, tails or scratches, are there any areas if the Auric field that might have even collapsed? Any of these things (and more ) are going to affect the quality of your Auric field. Your Aura ought to be clear and full of beautiful radiant colours. The brighter the colour and the more radiant the lights the better the Auric field and the greater the potential for that person’s well-being.

“Your Aura is designed to cleanse and repair itself but if it becomes overwhelmed then it needs some help. You can use simple energetic exercises to achieve this”

With this simple Aura cleansing exercise you’ll get great results 

You can cleanse your Aura any time and anywhere with this Aura cleansing process. Aura cleansing doesn’t require any special equipment and Aura cleansing doesn’t cost anything either! It suits Beginners or Advanced Students too, so it suits any level of ability, absolute beginners can do it and get the same level of results as those of you who are very accomplished energetically. All you need really is a tiny bit of imagination.

“If the sieve meets resistance and becomes stuck at any point during the cleanse be patient with it. The sieve will begin to move again shortly, it is simply slower at moving energy that’s particularly dense.”

Create your own Light Sieves to cleanse your Aura

1. Imagine a sieve made out of light

Imagine a very large sieve made out of light energy. Position this sieve in a space just above the top of your head. (This sieve is going to be used to sweep through your Auric field and cleanse it. As the sieve moves through each Auric layer it sifts and clears out all the debris and dysfunction caught up in it, moving and collecting anything that’s in it’s way as it sweeps on through.)

2. imagine it floating downwards

Now imagine that huge sieve gently floating in a downward motion. First it floats down over your head. The sieve moves down, floating down gently over your shoulders, passing on down beyond your waist and your elbows, past your hips and wrists, down past your knees, your calves, your ankles and to your feet.

3. As the sieve reaches your feet

As the sieve reaches your feet the soles of your feet begin to glow as the old stagnant energy is replaced with fresh new energy.

4. The sieve then moves on further

The sieve then moves on further and it travels down beyond the floor beneath you. And then onwards still, right into the lower levels of the planet below you where the sieve is released. the sieve so it can remain in this subterranean level of the planet.

5. Your first full sweep

You have now completed a full sweep. You have cleansed the first layer of your Aura.

6. Continue to cleanse the next Auric layer

When you have completed the cleanse in the first Auric layer, move on to cleanse the second Auric layer and continue until all 12 layers of your Aura have been fully cleansed. I’ve listed the 12 layers of the Aura later in this blog.

Take Notes

Keep good notes. What happens when you sieve? Keeping notes is a great way to track the results that you are achieving as you cleanse your Aura with this technique. Note if there is a particular time of the day that works better than others. Is there are particular colour for your light sieve that works better than another colour does? What change in wellbeing do you feel from creating this cleaner stronger Auric field? How does your life benefit from performing this exercise regularly?

Adapting this cleanse

It is wonderful when you become confident enough with an energetic exercise for you to begin to adapt and develop the sieving process to suit your needs better. Don’t change the way I have taught it to you until you gain a bit more confidence with it first though.

Other alternatives

Not everyone likes to sieve their Auric field when standing upright. Some like to sieve while lying down or sitting, and others may prefer to dive forward into the sieve instead …that’s okay, just remember to change to a new sieve each time you dive (and to dispose of the old sieves as you go.

Cleanse your Aura to a sparkle!

You might like to begin with a larger grade mesh in the body of the first sieve, and then imagine the mesh grade is becoming increasingly finer and finer with each additional Auric layer you cleanse.

Layer One would have a sieve with a fairly broad grade mesh to it, and by Layer 12 the grade of the mesh would have become so incredibly fine that you could only expect quantum particles to move through it.

Imagine how it would feel to have an Auric field with such fine sparkly particles!

The colour of your Aura cleansing sieves 

Be prepared for the colour of the sieve to change

A point about colours…I often find that although I begin with a light sieve that is white light I can find that by the end of the sweep it has changed colour by itself. If this happens it is perfectly natural. I like using a pure white light for the sieves I use and to stick to using one colour throughout. It makes it easier to observer changes in the light if it happens. You really don’t have to stick to my method though. Choose the light colour (or colours) that you connect with most strongly. Any colour you choose will be right, go with your intuition on this.

Variations for your intentions

Be imaginative with your intentions. How about “Revitalise Layer One” instead of “Cleanse layer one”. Yes, it really is that simple. “Heal Layer One”, or ‘Smooth Layer One” or ‘Repair Layer One”. See how your Auric field responds and improves when you adapt and change the intention.

Problem solving: Targeting specific layers of your Aura

Instead of sieving 12 different Auric layers once you can sieve a problematic Auric layer 12 times over. If you do this, I suggest you vary  the size of the cleansing sieve’s grade by imagining that each sieve uses a smaller and smaller grade until you’re done. The grade of the mesh becomes so incredibly fine that only pure Auric energy of the highest quality remains.

If you can already identify there is a problem in a specific layer you can adapt this sieving technique to focus on that layer specifically.

The twelve layers and what they relate to

  1. The 1st Auric layer relates to protection of life energies
  2. The 2nd Auric layer relates to the screening of feelings and emotions
  3. The 3rd Auric layer relates to filtering ideas and beliefs
  4. The 4th Auric layer relates to attracting and also to pushing away relationships
  5. The 5th Auric layer relates to attracting and pushing away general guidance
  6. The 6th Auric layer relates to being open to choices and enacting upon decisions you have made
  7. The 7th Auric layer relates to connecting with spirit and the broadcasting your spiritual decisions
  8. The 8th Auric layer relates to broadcasting Karma and using your Karmic powers
  9. The 9th Auric layer relates to connecting to Soul based issues
  10. The 10th Auric layer relates to mirroring beliefs back to ourselves
  11. The 11th Auric layer relates to commandeering your Power
  12. The 12th Auric layer relates to connections between being human and being the divine self.

Guided Meditation to Cleanse your Aura