“The ghost children do love to connect but they won’t connect with just anyone, they retain a certain amount of suspicion. They may want you to know they are there and start with encounters where you play a kind of ‘hide and seek’ before they will allow things to move to the next stage. ”



The Ghosts or Spirits of Children can most often be found close by the location that they died or they may be found near to the place where their loved ones live or where they once lived.

I describe it in this way because more often than not the depth of the sorrow, the love and the attachment shown to the memory of the child from the loved ones left behind seems to anchor the Child’s spirit firmly to this plane…and although time passes and the loved ones themselves pass ….on unfortunately the ghost of the Child remains anchored here still. The ghost of the child is left behind unable to transition and transform.



What you’ll see:

Usually from knee high to chest height

Translucent grey shades

Humanoid shape, usually perfectly formed and fully mobile.

..General appearance:
The Child ghosts will appear as they wish you to see them when they felt they were at their best. Children ghosts like to make a good impression. They will often appear in their ‘Sunday Best’ or in a favorite outfit or costume when they first present. They will be clean and tidy, hair beautifully brushed. After the initial connection when trust is established they may change their appearance to illustrate something of their history or share how they died which could be quite graphic. 


…What you’ll smell:
The Child ghost will not always have a signature smell but if they do it will be so that you can identify them again.  Often florals or ointment like smells. Sweet candyfloss or toffee.

…What you’ll taste:
Unlikely that you will taste anything. 
…What you’ll hear:
A ghost child may certainly chatter on! You might have a job getting them to be quiet!

…What you’ll touch/feel:
Most likely a change in temperature, slightly chillier.

The ghost children do love to connect but they won’t connect with just anyone, they retain a certain amount of suspicion. They may want you to know they are there and start with encounters where you play a kind of ‘hide and seek’ before they will allow things to move to the next stage. They can be reluctant to approach you at first, they may be shy despite knowing that you are aware that they are there and that you may be able to help them. Once they do connect they can be very precocious, forward, playful and chatty.
What reactions you’ll have:
It would be hard not to feel a deep pull towards these children. You will have a natural urge to try and help them. Be cautious about this (see below)
Active times:
I find they are active at all times of the day. 
Spotting one:
Child ghosts can be encountered fairly regualry and in many unconventional places. You’ll find that  they only reveal themselves to you if they want you to connect. If you have a natural love of children then you may find that child ghosts are the ghosts you see most of all.
Lasting effects / energetic echos:
Ghost children are all very memorable and the encounters you have with them can be very meaningful, moving and touching. Their energy is such that you come under their spell and you miss them as soon as they go. You will end up thinking of them often.

Cautions (if any):

Ghost children are very enigmatic and draw you in. They draw you in because you will connect with their energy and also because it is human nature to want to take care of our young.

Most ghost children are very likeable. You will want to approach them, to connect with them and to be as helpful as possible to them…the same way that you would be if you found a lost child wandering in a park or supermarket. You’d want to get them back to the safe keeping of their family and friends.  

Presenting a child is a marvellous disguise, though, for Spirits that want to lure you into a state where you let your guards down. These imposters can then make you their unsuspecting target, it’s as if they know Channels and Mediums are softer towards children. Be warned. If you have an imposter in disguise rather than an authentic child ghost you could find that at any point during your encounter the ‘child’ dissappears and is replaced by an entity that is entirely different kettle of fish. How to stay safe? Even if the ghost/spirit presents as a child do not let your guards down at all at any point. It could be a child or it could be an imposter…don’t take the chance.

Amanda’s Private Journal Entry


“I love to meet Spirit Children. They have such a delightful energy to them, full of joy and playfullness in the way you would expect. There can also be a lot of emotion around when you connect with some of these kids. I can guarantee if you meet one you’ll never forget  them.

Child ghosts

Child ghosts are the ghost of children that have died for any number of reasons. They have found they are unable to move on, their energy has been caught here and has been unable to transform and transcend.

How do they behave?

I find the child ghosts that would have been in the ‘under ten age group’ are usually very sweet to me. Most have great manners and they are delighted to connect with you, thrilled that you can connect with them.  I never feel sad when I meet these children because they exude such a lovely energy. The ones I tend to meet are still full of the joys of living actually. I have met quite a few that are so pleased to connect they chatter on for hours…you get their whole life story and everything!

With the under tens, they will often tell you the way they died and also the reason that they chose to stay or were tied to the earth and so couldn’t move on. There is alwys a point of saddness of course, but if you remain supportive and try to be compassionate and tender then these children like most people, will soon become more positive and open hearted.

Why do these children stay?

Anchored energy
Some children cannot move on because they have been anchored here by the overwhelming mourning, the deep love and unbreakable attachment that was created by the loved ones that the child has left behind.  It’s like the energy is too overwhelming for the energy of the child to break free from.  Time then passes and the loved ones themselves pass away and they are able to move on unfettered, nothing holding the strength of their adult energy back. The dilemma is that the ghost of the child remains anchored still, the ghost of the child is now left behind as the others transform and transcend. It’s a bit sad when you think about it.

Fear of getting told off
Some children die because they got into mischief and something went wrong. Fear of getting into trouble for what they have done may be the reason they are not prepared to transcend.   It is marvellous to be able to reassure these kids that they aren’t in any trouble and that everyone understands.  I assure them that they have always been genuinely loved and forgiven. They like this a lot. I actually had a hug (or as near to a ghost hug as you can get) from one child. So sweet and clearly very relieved by what I told her.

Unfinished business
Children often stay because they feel they have unfinished business to attend to. Maybe they had been sent on an errand which they never managed to complete, perhaps they had a significant test coming up that they never got to take, or even perhaps an event like a dance or wedding that they were especially looking forward to and then didn’t didn’t want to miss the chance to attend.

Sometimes the child is confused and doesn’t know they are dead. This is a sad conversation of course but children are incredibly resilient and most of the time as long as they know they can be safe, happy and with their family members they seem happy enough to move along.

What can you do to help?

Take the time to engage with a spirit child if you meet one. See what they will share of their life with you and allow them the chance to express whatever it is they need you to know.

If you get the opportunity, ask these ghost children if they would like to move along?  If they do they will be delighted to move along to those that are ready to greet them, if not, if they would prefer to stay on a bit longer, I always tell them that’s ok… I always also tell them that they can move along whenever they like now and I explain how they can do this and put a gateway in place for them to use before I say goodbye to them.

Teenage Ghosts

Please also check the article on Teenage Ghosts. Teenage ghosts are often quite different to younger ghost children and require, well, let’s describe it as a subtle skill set!