Eight hungry energy vampires in a hotel bedroom with me in Brighton. What could possibly go wrong?

My meeting with energy vampires

There are many types of entity that feed off energy. Energy vampires feed off your fear energy and will suck every drop of that life force from you.

Are energy vampires the same as the vampires you see in films?

Energy vampires are popularised as blood-sucking immortals that wear dark satin cloaks and stalk vulnerable folk at night. These superhuman monsters overwhelm their victims and feast on their blood. It’s frightening stuff! Thankfully this kind of Vampire is only found on the sets of Hollywood movies!  But, what you may not know is that there are real vampires, energy vampires, and there are some striking similarities in the style of how these vampires attack and their imaginary cousins. How do I know? I encountered a gang of energy vampires when staying in a hotel in Brighton. I’m well seasoned when it comes to Ghosts but the encounter with these particular entities was something I’ll never forget.

Energy vampires hold you captive and raid your vital energy.

Energy vampires are spirits that draw energy from whoever comes into their territory. They can overwhelm anyone that is not properly protected with an energy shield. Energy vampires hold you captive and raid your vital energy. Energy vampires are spirits that draw energy from whoever comes into their territory. They can overwhelm anyone that is not properly protected with an energy shield. Energy vampires hold you captive and raid your vital energy.

I was staying in Brighton at a hotel on the seafront. After unpacking my things I had been out for supper and decided to get to bed early so I was fresh for the training course I was attending the next day.

The room felt very hot and the windows were locked tight shut so I had little choice but to turn down a lot of the thicker blankets on the bed. Only covering myself with the top bed sheet instead. I read for a while and then turned out the light and started to go to sleep. Just as I was falling asleep I realised that there had been a distinct change in the atmosphere in the room.

“I knew something was about to happen but didn’t know what.”

As a psychic, my senses switch into overdrive when danger is around. I knew something was about to happen but didn’t know what. At the time I simply had no idea of what I was about to take on.

The heat in the room evaporated and the room was cold and chilled. I was in the hotel room, lying on my stomach in bed with the sheet wrapped around me, listening, getting ready to react. I could sense that something was drawing closer, leaning over me, observing me intently in the darkness.

“A creepiness started to prickle the hairs on the back of my neck and I knew something was about to kick off.”

First I felt the corner of the mattress bowing down as if someone or something had sat on it. I could feel the pressure starting to press on the backs of my calves, move up past my thighs and start to press down on the lower part of my back. The pressure moved to the top of my shoulders and the sheets were starting to feel wet cold, the chill penetrating right through the fabric. I felt afraid and vulnerable. I pulled the sheets over my head even further trying to hide in vain from what was overcoming me.

As the pressure was bearing down more heavily along the length of my body it was getting harder to breathe, so my breathing was becoming more shallow too. The sound of my heart beating in my ears was deafening. This entity was going to attack me in some way and I was unable to move, I realised I was completely paralysed. There was nothing I could do to save myself.

It was too late to create an energy shield of light

I lay there trying to imagine myself surrounded by a golden ball of protective light, a shield of energy that would protect me from whatever was trying to “It was too late to create an energy shield of light”overcome me.

This was the way I had always been taught to protect myself but I kept losing my nerve and the energy shield collapsed. I was a sitting duck with an energy shield that was not up to the job, it was faltering and kept collapsing.

I became aware that there was more than one entity in the room.  I was surrounded. This was some form of spiritual gang. I could sense there were at least 8 spiritual entities drawing closer and closer to me. I knew I was unable to shield  myself. I could feel my throat starting to close and I was feeling weaker and weaker and more and more afraid.

“Help me! I’m under attack!”

I asked my guides and helpers to draw closer. ‘Help me!’ I cried in silence! In a flash of inspiration a whirling vortex of brilliant light suddenly surrounded me. It was an enormous, magnificent luminescent shield. It was glorious!

As the energy spun around and around me I could sense that the entities were started to pull back. I still couldn’t move but the pressure I had been feeling all along my back was starting to lift. The entities were not moving away but they were not drawing any closer either.

I focussed on the whirling vortex of energy, I knew on some level that as long as I stayed surrounded by that energy vortex I would be safe. I lay in the centre of that vortex feeling increasingly warmer and calmer. The temperature of the room around me started to change.  Surrounded by this amazing shield I was growing more confident. I gathered my wits and started to fight back. I stood my energetic ground and pushed the vortex further out into the room. The entities pulled back from the edges of this vortex. If I moved the vortex the entities moved to avoid it.

Brighton Pier

I will never let this happen again!

I knew on every level that as long as I stayed surrounded by the whirling energy vortex those entities could not draw closer. I continued to move entities back further and further until finally they were pinned to the sides of the room and unable to move. They were not disappearing but they were not advancing either.

I stayed awake for the rest of the night waiting for the dawn to come and made a promise to myself that I would never let that happen to me again.

What would you do? Check out the Field Guide below

Field Guide

A Spotter’s manual

Field Guide

Common Names:

  • Energy vampire
  • Vampire


Energy vampires are Spirits. They visit during the night, holding you captive in order to take something from you. They leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. You need to repel these Spirits immediately using an energy shield or they will overcome you completely.


Where to find them

Energy vampires can be found anywhere but it most often in homes, in hospitals, in hotels and such. The building does not need to be old to host an energy vampire because the energy vampire is linked to the land that the building has been built upon.

Active Times

When they’re around

Energy vampires prefer to attack when people are in a semi drowsy state of mind, often found anywhere people are resting and sleeping. Generally they pay their visit in the late evening between 10pm and midnight and the very early hours between 1am and 3am.


The way they act

You won’t know that the energy vampire is there until they are, quite literally, on top of you.  It’s hard to stop them once they have pinned you down. Sexual attack is also a possibility, though it thought to be rare. My advice is to ensure adequate energy shielding especially when sleeping in new locations.


See, hear, feel etc.

When an energy vampire is about to attack you will feel pressure creeping along your body (usually beginning at your feet). Eventually you will feel heavy and unable to move. Eventually you may feel as if someone is actually lying on top of you pinning you down.



Recognising them

You will pick up their signature on a psychic frequency first and this sets off a fear response in your body. You are unlikely to see, hear or smell anything when an energy vampire is around. The biggest giveaway that they are about to attack is the very sudden change in air pressure around you and the drop in air temperature. When energy vampires are close you will hear your heart quite literally beating in your ears!

After energy vampire has drawn energy from you they may let you have a glimpse of their appearance as a ‘parting gift’ but they don’t usually show themselves before they have taken what they need from the victim.


Looking after yourself

As soon as the energy vampire leaves you will be able to move again and you may be able to start to speak again gradually as your throat begins to open and clear. Your heart rate will remain high for a while and you could go into a state of shock. If you do manage to go to sleep afterwards you will wake feeling like you are in having of a panic attack or suffocating. You will feel very tired, depleted, ‘attacked’ and vulnerable. The cloak of creepiness remains for at least a day. If you were attacked in your own home then you need to do some significant space clearing. Ensuring energy boundaries are firmly in place round the clock is a must. If you share your home with other people and animals I would suggest that they also have strong protective shields put in place too.

Could you have been attacked and not known it? Yes, absolutely. If you wake up feeling panicked then perhaps you have been visited in the night and not been aware of it.



anything else

Alarmingly enough, you may not even know they have paid you a visit apart from that creepy feeling of panic and vulnerability when you wake up to the next morning (often described as a sort of shadowy panic attack feeling). You will also feel an inevitable lethargy because of your grossly depleted energy stores. You may say you feel depleted and depressed for no reason.