An introduction to Divination?

What is Divination?

Divination works on the principle that everything is connected to everything else on an energetic level. It’s like a massive interconnecting grid. Once you understand that you can then glean information on pretty much anything as long as you can find the right ‘connector’ to enable you to gain access to this the infinite grid then you can ask and receive answers on an infinite basis!

Most people access the infinite energy grid using tools like oracle or tarot cards, runes and stones, sticks, shells, crystals, patterns that form in teacups from loose tea leaves, crystal balls and such. The person who connects to the tool is able to access the grid and interpret the information relayed back to them via their tool. The clarity of the answer gleaned will be dependant upon the conviction and experience of the Diviner and their ability to empty their mind to allow for clarity receiving the answer. The information is always relayed correctly from the cosmic energy grid but may or may not be interpreted effectively by the diviner.

Most people access the infinite energy grid using tools like oracle or tarot cards, runes and stones, sticks, shells, crystals, patterns that form in teacups from loose tea leaves, crystal balls and such.

Sometimes people come to diviners in order to get answers about what will come their way in the future, or guidance on how to respond to a current issue. Divining delivers a symbolic answer which needs be interpreted by the diviner.  Often the diviner is inspired with a thought, memory, feeling or idea that then starts to reveal an answer. It is very subjective and it takes real skill for the diviner to be able to not let their ‘own stuff’ get in the way. You have work non-judgementally, objectively and without agenda and you have to keep out of the way of the energy signatures that are revealing themselves from the cosmic energy web.

It’s difficult not to have doubts about yourself as a Diviner in the early days. Doubts will most certainly affect the clarity of the information being picked up. In divining circles you will hear novices being told to ’give it exactly as you receive it’ and to ‘share the first thing that comes into your head’. If the Diviner is tempted to change the nature and nuance of what they receive and they have time to think about what they are receiving then their own ‘stuff’ will most certainly get in the way and cloud the message coming through. The key is to be able to reveal with clarity and without diluting or reframing the answer with additional irrelevant or unassociated information.

Divining is rarely explicit although some tools have established symbolic meanings that assist the diviner to gain more clarity eg In tarot cards the Coins always represent material aspects of life including work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions.  The tarot card Wands, though, represent energy, inspiration, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition and expansion.

Often diviners will become very attached to the tool they use and to keep the energy on the tool ‘clear’ they will be reluctant to allow any other energy imprints onto their tool. Don’t be offended if you ask to look at someone’s tarot deck and your request is firmly denied!

It is rare for a Diviner to be able to divine effectively without some form of preparation to get them in the right state of mind first.  This can be through meditation, chanting or may simply be about holding the tool they intend to use for divination and then attempting to clear their mind.  Being able to still and empty the mind seems to hold the key to the quality of the messages relayed. Through ‘turning off the inner babble’ you are able to really open yourself up to energetically conveyed messages. We all have the ability to be diviners, but what varies is our ability to achieve the required levels of stillness, openness and belief in what we ‘pick up’.

Would it help if you were to see your ‘opening up’ as you opening up a portal for the energy to flow through. That’s actually what is happening, you are creating a gateway for information to pass so you need to open the door up widely and make sure nothing is blocking the free transit of what wishes to come through.

To be able to be a diviner you must first learn how to clear you mind, moving your own self out of the space you are in. That makes space for pure energy to flow into and through you as a conduit.  You also need to be discerning about what you allow through, you may wish to imagine some kind of filter or protection in place, a gatekeeper of sorts, to ensure that you are protected from anything that might wish to travel through the grid. You also need a divination tool to be able to help you focus on the energy that is trying to reach you. It may take a while before you learn which of these connects with you the best. Try a number of different tools…you’ll soon know whether it’s tarot or Runes that call out to you…or one of the other tools that is there to help you.

Next you need to learn to release any attachment to the information you receive. You may have an agenda to bring information through but you need to release attachment to it. You may not receive an answer to what the enquirer has asked about, you will receive the answer the enquirer needs though!  Be respectful and diplomatic of course.  Some of the answers that you receive may not be what the person in front of you wants to hear or is ready to accept. 

Finally you need to trust your ability as a diviner to divine well. You are being given the right information, your task is to convey it as it is being given to you.  It may be that you are bringing through exactly the right information but the enquirer doesn’t want to let you know you are right or that the answer they are being given to their questions exactly what they need to hear! You have to listen to the messages, follow your instincts and trust your ability.

When your divination session is complete the diviner will want to ‘close down’ their connection to the cosmic grid again.  That means showing gratitude to the energy for the answers they gave, the clarity with which they shared it and for the assistance it was trying to bring, closing off their mind, allowing their ‘gatekeeper’ to stand down and by  putting their divination tool away again.  Most divination tools are kept separate to other aspects of your toolkit when they are not in use.