Can your child pick up energy signatures of Ghosts, Spirits and Supernatural beings?

It must seem impossible to you that your child is picking up the energy signatures of Ghosts, Spirits and Supernatural beings, especially if you do not believe in ‘this kind of stuff’.

Surely your child is making it up when they say that they can hear voices or that they see and talk to ‘dead’ or invisible people?

When some children claim to see Ghosts, Spirits and Supernatural beings it is definitely in their imagination, it might be because they are attention-seeking or it is the result of some kind of emotional upheaval they have suffered…but that’s not the case for all of them. I can assure you that there are many children that really are having supernatural encounters, this is because they are able to sense energy signatures that are beyond the normal range.  If this is the case then what they are encountering is very real to them even if it is not for you. How can I explain this phenomenon?

The simplest answer is that your child has developed extra sensory perceptions, senses that extend beyond what is considered to be normal by most people’s standards.

So, your child will  ‘pick up’ subtle energy frequencies that other people cannot. Until you get what’s happening under control you and your child will have a difficult time.

The state of mind for your child

  • Will probably feel confused and vulnerable
  • May be treated as a liar
  • Will go through personality changes.
  • Their sleep patterns will be affected and their health will suffer – often with digestive problems
  • Will probably suffer at school and within their peer group too
  • Won’t feel they are getting the support they need

the state of mind for a parent

  • Will probably worry their child is mentally ill
  • May lose their temper and get frustrated with the child
  • Will worry their child might be taken away if people find out
  • Wants their child to do well at school and fit in with their friends.
  • Won’t know how to get the right kind of expert help

What kinds of responses can you expect from different groups?


Who do you turn to for advice and typically what response should you expect?


When you consult anyone who is medically trained about what your child is saying they will typically respond by:

Telling you (and your child) it’s all in your child’s imagination and that your child should grow out of these imaginary encounters after a year or so.

They will continue to observe your child’s state of mind and if there is no change the Doctor will suggest your child may have more serious problems and needs to be assessed for Psychosis or Mental Health issues.

Doctors will often prescribe sleeping pills and/or prescription medications for your child. They will do this on the basis that it will be good for the safety of your child and good for their carers too.

My view of this approach

The Scientific/Medical opinion is that although it is unusual, it is considered normal for some children to talk of hearing imaginary voices and of supernatural encounters. The Doctors believe, in the main, that although these encounters cause the child stress they will not cause long term lasting damage. Your child will ‘grow out’ of whatever is happening after a year or so.

Medication such as sleeping pills may be prescribed if your child is being regularly ‘woken’ by voices or is seeing things during the night that is preventing them from sleeping.

If your child claims that they are hearing voices that are telling them to do ‘bad’ things though the Doctor will arrange for more sophisticated assessments to establish whether your child presents a threat to themselves or anyone else. Medication will be also be prescribed. Although medication may support some children it may not help all of them. It is worth trying the medication if it brings your child relief.

If your child has extended senses these remedies will probably not help. I worry that your child will do what most children do when they are denied the help they need by those in power around them….your child will stop telling anyone what is happening to them.

Children learn really quickly what they should or should not talk about. To deny what is happening will make other people happy. It becomes easier to live in isolation and suffer in silence than to risk rejection by their parents, members of their family, peers and friends, teachers and of course their Doctor.

Repression in a child with extended sensory perception can lead to digestive issues, general withdrawal socially and certain personality disorders.

*Always take your child to the Doctor for a preliminary assessment as it makes sense to rule out other possibilities that could be affecting your child.


When you confide in anyone who has a spiritual mindset about what your child is saying they will typically respond by:

Accepting everything you are saying unconditionally and offer to introduce you to other people who are like your child.

Teach your child to imagine themselves sitting in a protective ball of golden light during encounters. Teach your child to tell the ghosts, spirits or entities to move towards ‘the light’ where their loved ones will be waiting to meet and collect them.

If your child is old enough they will encourage you to bring your child to join a spiritual developmental circle. If your child is not old enough they may suggest you visit a Medium to see if they can help get things under control.

My view of this approach

Spiritually minded folk are incredibly welcoming and generous. It is helpful to know that you can ask all sorts of questions and they will gladly share their knowledge.

Most spiritual developmental circles do not accept children under the age of 18 years old. Many will not have the understanding of how to safely coach a child with extended sensory perception.  

If your child is telepathic (two way conversations taking place during encounters) and empathetic (can feel the mental, physical and emotional feelings of others during encounters) then your child will need specific training in how to manage their extended senses. Spiritualists would classify your child as a natural Psychic Medium – able to communicate directly with Spiritual entities. Because of the abilities your child displays, most Spiritual groups would suggest your child may be being called to do Spiritual Rescue and Release work which is why your child is having these encounters.

Spiritual Rescue work is a branch of Mediumship that requires the mastery and application of a unique set of psychic skills.  Spiritual developmental circles can teach you a great deal about energy, connection and communication, but unfortunately they probably won’t have the specialist ‘field’ knowledge to teach your child what to do during their encounters. They won’t focus on teaching your child about specific types of power and protection that are designed for children especially to use.

Your child may be invited to join a Spiritual developmental circle but I wouldn’t let them join…yet. You shouldn’t encourage your child to develop their psychic abilities further in any way until they have got their current skills under control. If they join a circle it will amplify their ability. Also, I would suggest you don’t allow your child to listen to meditation music or listen to sounds that encourage connection to higher energetic frequencies either as that will ‘open’ them up further too.

THE R.E.A.C.T RESPONSE – Bogglers Academy

Bogglers Academy

For kids that are bothered by spirits and ghosts

“Truly life changing for my child”

Danni G

I’m Amanda Nelson, the creator of the Bogglers Academy. A safe place for kids that are bothered by spirits and ghosts.

We’ll give you and your child a reliable 5 step process called REACT to follow. It will include creating their own rules, establishing their own safety boundaries and knowing how to safely stop these encounters whenever they start. It’s all great fun and you’re child will love it!

We’ll teach your child how to be in control of the encounters. You’ll be their champion, there to support them whenever your child needs you…and we’ll help you!

You can use this process while your child sees your GP. This method is based on Psychology and will support the work your GP is doing. The Bogglers process is prescription-free, requires no specialist equipment or specific belief systems for it to work.

What do you do next?

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