Future Self Energetics

If you could change one thing in your life today…
what would it be?

Try Future Self Energetics.
A gentle therapy for powerful transformation. 

Whether it’s self-esteem and confidence issues, finding your life meaning or more fulfilling relationships, unlocking more wealth, or something more specific to you, Future Self Energetics offers you the opportunity to transform your life.

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“The Future Self Energetics was quite extraordinary and unlike any healing I have experienced before.

Highly Recommended!”

Shelly M

Make a Change for Good

Future Self Energetics is all about improving your quality of life.

When you change your energy field it makes transformation in your life, in your life events,  your circumstances and in your relationships possible.

Some changes will be gentle and gradual,  other changes will be immediately more obvious, perhaps they will be dramatically transformative …whichever way the changes appear in your life they will always be for your higher benefit. 


Negative thought patterns

Limiting beliefs


Negative attachments

Poor energy levels

Blocks to advancement

Isolation & detachment


Inner peace and happiness

Money and abundance

Self-esteem & confidence

Love & relationships

Positivity & hopefulness

Career & fulfilment

Spirituality & connection

Health & Well-Being

“Our session was Mind blowing! Amanda changed my life in 30 minutes”

Brian C

Amanda Nelson – Holistic Therapist of the Year 2020

Amanda NelsonHolistic Therapist of the Year 2020

The Therapist for your Future Self Energetics session will be Amanda Nelson. Amanda was recently awarded ‘Holistic Therapist of the Year 2020’ in the Oxfordshire Prestige Awards.

“The judging panel were impressed with Amanda’s dedication, the mastery of her energy therapy and the sheer quantity of positive client testimonials she has received.”


Judges – Oxfordshire Prestige Awards 2020

Amanda is the creator of Future Self Energetics and founder of the Spiritual Lifestyle website www.BeyondTheGoldenEgg.com

Amanda is a regular Presenter on UK Health Radio and her weekly Future Self Energetics show is broadcast to over a quarter of a million listeners worldwide.


About amanda

Amanda is qualified in a number of holistic therapies including Spectrum Healing, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. She is also a lifelong Intuitive Energy Worker and Spiritual Medium. Amanda channels energetic therapies for the changing world we live in. A Future Self Energetics session includes many of her new techniques that work at the quantum level.

Amanda has worked at the forefront of the Body, Mind and Spirit community for the last 25years, dedicating her life to helping people improve their health and well-being.

“I’m so pleased I have met you, you have changed my life and given me answers I’ve been searching for my whole life. The last few weeks have been amazing”

Andrew Y

your Future Self Energetics Therapy Session


We start by setting an intention, looking at your needs and what would represent a valuable improvement.


We then clear and repair your energy field. We also take away blocks, inhibitors, implants, attachments & limiting beliefs


Next we reprogram your energy field to support your intention, flooding the field with light frequencies to activate it.


Finally, we discuss what happened, what was discovered, and what changed. You’ll also receive a PDF of the session.

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The energy knows where to go and
what to do

Future Self Energetics gets straight to the root of the issue without needing to take you back into the drama.

With this ‘hands-off’ therapy all you do is lie back, relax and let Amanda and the energy do all the work!

“Thank you so much for your detailed report & recommendations. A lot has been happening for me energetically since our session!”

James S

Your 10-Minute Discovery Call

Is Future Self Energetics
right for you?

If you are unsure, let’s have a FREE 10-minute chat.

There’s no obligation to book a full session and it’s a chance for you to find out if Future Self Energetics is going to be the right fit for you.

“I have felt a shift in my thoughts and actually feel at peace, which is amazing. Thank you so much for whatever it is you have done, it’s a great feeling. Will definitely be in touch again.”

Rachel S

Preparing for Transformation

Your Future Self Energetics session includes a full spectrum review of your personal energy fields. This includes clearing, adjusting, and repairing all aspects of specific energy grids.
Removing unnecessary past life contracts that are holding you back in this lifetime

Adjusting the capacity of your personal energy grids

Clearing the 12 dimensions of your energy being

Extracting siphons, hooks, holes, tears and meshes from your Auric Field

Realigning your assemblage point to an optimum position

Removing blocks, inhibitors, limiting beliefs, alien implants, energy parasites & entity attachments from your energy grids

Creating Change

Your Future Self Energetics session includes reprogramming your personal energy fields.

This process floods your personal energy grids with your desired intention, then activates these grids using pure light energy to get the energy in flow.

Activating your crown diadem and opening your 3rd eye

Illuminating your light body and energising your protective light shield

Implanting your intention into your personal energy field and setting it in motion

Recharging your energy grids with pure light essence

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“Amanda, I am feeling so much better…for the first time in ages I had sweet dreams and woke up feeling refreshed without that awful feeling if dread I”ve been experiencing”

Adam C


YOUR session

To find more and to arrange your appointment call 01865 803455 or send an email using the button below.


Future Self Energetics Session

Lasting 45 -75 minutes.

Future Self Energetics ‘Immersion’:

2.5 hour ‘Energy Immersion’ session by private arrangement. Making a sacred space for your energy work. We go deep…then deeper. 

All sessions include .pdf notes to remind you of what took place
*Amanda is willing to discuss a pay it forward, pro-bono, exchange, or cash-flowed fee.

“I just wanted to let you know that you have changed my life completely. You have unlocked me and all of my psychic abilities have returned. Furthermore, I had an incredibly powerful, transformational experience in Chalice Well the evening after I left you which affirmed for me everything you said and I mean everything..”

Rachel R

Your Spiritual Connection

Throughout your Future Energetics Session, we will connect with your Higher Self, your ultimate Future Self, your Communal Consciousness, frequencies of sound and light, Ascended Masters, Enlightened Beings, Angels, Elementals, Totem animals, Crystal Divas, your Spirit family & Guides.


Future Self Energetics is not intended to replace standard medical practice; rather it is to complement and supplement it.
Future Self Energetics is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical examination, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is not a substitute for services provided by medical professionals. Always seek the advice of your medical professional before making any decisions or changes that could affect your treatment. Any medical questions should be directed to your personal doctor or qualified healthcare professional. You can terminate Future Self Energetics treatments at any time.


A consent form will need to be signed by all Clients stating they are consenting to the Future Self Energetics therapy.


All information gathered during the Future Self Energetics session is treated with the strictest confidence. Your privacy is important. Information provided by you will not be shared with any third party. GDPR compliant.


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