I don’t generally tell people about the encounters I have or the information that comes through from energy connections that are made.
But some stories are just too good not to share…

“This little girl was such a sweet and chatty little thing, so full of life and happiness, yet she was still so concerned about the mud on her new boots”

Encounter Type:

One to one encounter with a Spirit child


In Brief:

I Met a child spirit while staying at a B&B. She had drowned in a pond nearby and was worried about what her family would say about her muddy boots.
It all started when…I was staying at an old coach house just outside Dorking called ‘The Inn on the Green”.  I had been visiting an old friend and I made arrangements to break my journey home by staying overnight in a Country Pub hotel. The Hotel was out of the way, situated at the side of a long straight road. Opposite the Inn, across the road where the cars parked, was a large open Green and beyond that a village pond.

I met the Ghost when I was on my way down to breakfast. I opened my bedroom door and stepped into the corridor when ‘Wham!’,  the energy of the ghost ran straight into me! I wanted to shout ‘Walk don’t Run!’ the way the Teachers always did when I was at school and had been caught running in the corridor.

It was the Spirit of a young girl, a child around 8 years old. She was delighted that I could see her and immediately started to talk.

She told me that although she had lived nearby she liked to visit the Coachhouse because she liked all the people that were around. She used to come here a lot when she was alive. She told me that she didn’t go home much because the people living in the house didn’t like her being there and she felt unwelcome.

She was dressed in what looked like simple Edwardian clothes, hair neatly tied back. Her mood changed when she pointed down to her leather boots though. They looked brand new apart from the fact that they were completely caked in mud.

The little girl told me that she had been ready to go to some kind of party and had been allowed to go outside to play while the rest of the family finished getting ready. She had slipped on the mud at the side of the pool where she was running, she had fallen into the water and she had drowned. I thought she must have been talking about the Weaver’s Pond which was opposite the Inn on the far side of the Green.

She seemed more concerned about the state of her muddy boots than she was about the fact that she had drowned in what she called ‘the Pool’. These small details are often the reason that the Spirit can’t move on.   I reassured her that she was not in any trouble now and that her family loved her and had forgiven her a long time ago. She seemed reassured by this. I also told her if she liked she could go and join them as they would be waiting for her. She didn’t want to go though. She asked if she could stay. I said I’d have to check with the Manager of the Inn as it wasn’t for me to decide. But I reassured her and let her know I’d speak to them on her behalf and that I’d also make sure that she could find her way ‘home’ if ever she changed her mind.

She then filled my head with all sorts of information, it all downloaded in a big flurry. Some made sense and other bits were snapshots and a bit vague. I know she had links to the Post Office in the Village as she conveyed being linked to it in a most emphastic way, and she kept referring to a year in the mid 1800s which would have been wrong for the clothing she was wearing – perhaps I hadn’t identified her clothing correctly? I think perhaps, the most striking thing for me about this encounter was what I found out after it was over.

I spoke about her to the Landlady, who I have to say was pretty open minded about the whole thing. She said the little girl could stay for as long as she liked. She also told me that they were used to Guests mentioning that they ‘sensed things’ around the Inn…and that there was a lot of activity generally in the Green area too. There was plenty of good will towards these ‘invisible guests’ in the village except for one householder who was particularly unhappy about the idea that anything Ghostly could be around. Hmmm, I wonder if this was the home the little girl had mentioned, the house where the little girl used to live with her own family?

I’ve often considered looking into the history of this encounter a little further, I like to check details of my encounters and the information that I bring through when I look into past lives and such, it is grat evidence that I am not imagining things!  I could perhaps check the local parish records to see if there are any notes about a little girl that drowned nearby?

One mystery that I did manage to solve (though it happened quite by chance) was when I was chatting later on to the Landlady. I mentioned that the ghost said she drowned in what she called the local pool. I said it must have been her nickname for the Pond across the Green. The Landlady, who knew the area much more than I did, said that actaully the little girl knew exactly what she was talking about. A little further out from the Village there was a landmark known as ‘The Pool’, it really did exist just as she said it did.