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Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are Spirits that pay you a visit during the night and hold you captive in order to take something from you.
They leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are Spirits that pay you a visit during the night and hold you captive in order to take something from you.
They leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Common Name:



A spirit that sucks energy from their victim
Anywhere people are resting and sleeping

Energy vampires can inhabit anywhere and they can be found wherever people sleep as they prefer to attack when people are in a semi drowsy state of mind. You can encounter energy vampires in homes, in hospitals, in hotels and more. The building does not need to be old to host an energy vampire, it is more likely that the energy vampire is linked to the land itself that the building has been built upon.

Spotting one: 

You won’t know that they are there until they are, quite literally, on top of you.

It is possible that you will have already been visited by an energy vampire at some time even if you don’t have a vivid memory of it. You will know on some level after reading this blog perhaps, sometimes it strikes a chord and you get an aha moment. If you have been visited in your own home then you need to do some significant space clearing and ensure that your own energy boundaries are firmly in place round the clock. If you share your home with other people and animals I would suggest that they also have strong protective shields put in place too.


What you’ll see:


You won’t actually see anything. What you’ll recognise if you are in contact with an energy vampire is that you will feel a fairly large energy expanse, big enough to cover you completely. The prescence of an energy vampire near you will make you feel like someone is lying on top of you and pinning you down.


No colour


No shape

General Apperance:

You feel these energy vampires more than see them. After they have drawn energy from you they may expose their appearance as a parting gift but they don’t usually show themselves before they have taken what they need from the victim.

What you’ll smell:

No smell

What you’ll taste

No taste

What you’ll hear:

You will pick up their signature on a psychic frequency that then sets off a response in your body. When energy vampires are close you will hear your heart quite literally beating in your ears!

What you’ll touch/feel

You start by feeling that something very creepy is nearby and just before the atmosphere around you goes incredibly cold you start to feel a pressure building in the air and area around you, like it is being heavily compressed. As the pressure builds it spreads until it feels as if you are being pinned down under a heavy energy mattress. At this point you are then unable to move. You may even become breathless.

What reactions you’ll have:

As well as your pulse racing and your heart beating in your ears you will begin to feel very breathless in your chest and throat and you will be unable to breathe deeply or make any kind of noise.  It will feel like you are paralysed throughout the attack which is why you will feel overwhelmed and vulnerable very quickly.

Lasting effects / energetic echoes

As soon as the Vampire leaves you will be able to move again and you may be able to start to speak again gradually as your throat begins to open and clear. Your heart rate will remain high for a while and you could go into shock, I know I did after I was attacked once. If you go to sleep you will wake feeling like you are in the middle of a panic attack. You will feel very tired, depleted ‘attacked’ and vulnerable. The cloak of creepiness remains for at least a day.

Active times:

I find energy vampires are active most times of the night, but generally they pay their visit in the late evening between 10pm and midnight and the very early hours between 1am and 3am. 


You need to repel these Spirits immediately and unless you are very fast and confident at creating an energy shield my advice would be to ensure that you have robust protection in place at all times when you are sleeping somewhere different to usual.

Cautions (if any):

Energy vampires paralyze you until they have taken whatever they came for.  It’s hard to stop them once they have pinned you down. Sexual attack is also a possibility, though it thought to be rare. 

Amanda’s Private Journal Entry

Vampires are popularised as blood-sucking immortals that wear dark satin cloaks and stalk vulnerable folk at night…these superhuman monsters overwhelm their victims and feast on their blood.  It’s frightening stuff! Thankfully this kind of Vampire is only found on the sets of Hollywood movies!  But, what you may not know is that there are real vampires, energy vampires, and there are some striking similarities in the style of how these vampires attack and their imaginary cousins. I know first hand!

Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are spirits that draw energy from whoever comes into their territory that is unprotected from their attack. They can overwhelm anyone that comes into their territory. Energy vampires pay their victims a visit during the night and hold them captive in some way while they suck away their vital energy. They will raid all your vitality and leave you reaped.

Can you always tell when energy vampires have been?

Alarmingly enough, if you are not sensitive to energy signatures you may not even know they have paid you a visit apart from that creepy feeling of vulnerability when you wake up to the next morning (often described as a sort of shadowy panic attack feeling). You will also feel an inevitable lethargy because of your grossly depleted energy stores. You may say you feel depleted and depressed for no reason.

How can you prevent being attacked by an energy vampire?

You need to put strong energy boundaries in place permanently, and most certainly you need to double check those energy boundaries are in place before you go to sleep. Robust energy boundaries that are in place 24/7 are the only way to ensure that even if an attack is attempted the vampire will not get too far.  When they can’t get what they came for they usually leave promptly. *If you are worried join a Boggler’s workshop. *If you are worried about being a victim of an energy vampire or of any kind of energetic parasite join a Boggler’s workshop and learn how to protect yourself effectively.