I usually uncover these alien implants within the human energy field. I uncover them when using the light sieves in the 2nd dimension and 4th dimensions. They are implanted to control behaviours and gather information.

Common Name:

Alien Implant – Light Technology


A small rectangular shaped device for mind control & harvesting information


Within dimensional aspects of the human energy field 


Light technology inserted into a dimension of the human energy field.


What you’ll see:

Approximately 3cm in length and 1cm across.

Luminous white – glowing

Straight edged, Rectangular

..General appearance:
These light implants are actually stunning to look at – very bright and burning white. 


…What you’ll smell:
No smell

…What you’ll taste:
No taste 
…What you’ll hear:
They don’t make a noise

…What you’ll touch/feel:
You will feel nothing physically.

As this is alien technology I wouldn’t try to collect or connect with these devices. They are implanted in order to do one or more of a number of things: First, to control a range of human behaviours, including mental thoughts and emotions – generally, they would change your mood or keep you at a lower vibrational state. Secondly, they are there to harvest and then to feed back the information about human behaviour, mental thoughts, and emotions that they gather.
What reactions you’ll have:
As these devices are implanted within the energy systems they are hard to ‘spot’. Emotional angst and mood swings are likely to be evident. When you have these implants you are likely to be struggling with negative patterns of behaviour of some kind, this will probably include addictions that you may not be able to rationalise or easily break free from. This is because the implant is in control, not you. Once the implant is removed you will feel the difference…. no surprise…it is because you are not being manipulated anymore.
Active times:
Constant with occaisional flashpoints.
Spotting one:

Apart from the symptoms already outlined which can indicate an implant is in place, I’d imagine the only way to scan the body is to dowse it. You will definitely uncover implants if they are present while cleansing with the 12 Light Sieves. I have created the 12 Light Sieves Meditation to enable you to make a good start at removing them if you happen to have any. 

Lasting effects / energetic echoes:

As soon as these implants have been removed you will start to feel the difference. Practice the light sieves meditation regularly – weekly or monthly – to keep your energy field on all dimensions clear from these implants.


Cautions (if any):

Addictions and mood swings are very likely to create issues in your life and effect relationships.

Amanda’s Private Journal Entry

“I have worked with energy for many years and was already aware that alien implants exist. I discovered these particular rectangular alien implants while performing a cleanse with the 12 Light Sieves. I don’t know if other lightworkers have come across them in their own work.

Not everyone has these implants of course but many people do have at least one or two of them. When I have uncovered them in significantly larger quantities –  hundreds in a single host –  it often points to that person having faced life-changing challenges or addictions in the past. What a weight all those implants must have placed on the well-being of the person involved….and what a blessed relief to have them swept away.

I have discovered different types of alien implants throughout the dimensions but they were not the same as the ones I have been talking about here. I have found these particular alien implants when sieving in the 4th dimension.