There are many types of entity that will feed off your energy. This blog post is about Energy vampires. They feed off your energy and will suck every drop of vital energy from you. 8 energy vampires and me in a room in a Hotel bedroom in Brighton. What could possibly go wrong?

Encounter Type:

Energy Vampires:


In Brief:

I was staying in Brighton in a hotel when I was surrounded by Energy vampires. I’m well seasoned when it comes to Ghosts but the encounter with these particular entities was something I’ll never forget.
It all started when…I was attending a course in Brighton. I was staying in Brighton because I was attending a 3 day Training course. The course was being led by a real hero of mine and someone I considered to be a leading pioneer in the world of energy therapies. It was exciting to be in Brighton for a few nights and I had booked myself into a hotel along the Sea Front. I asked for a sea view room when I made the booking, especially so that when I threw open the curtains in the morning I would be greeted by an expanse of water, how I love the Sea!

I had arrived in Brighton late in the afternoon. It was the night before the course started and I had to be up early. I  unpacked my suitcase and put my pens and papers to one side and then grabbed my coat and handbag and let the hotel in search of a light bite to eat before settling down for the evening.

I was fairly sleepy when I settled into bed for the night. The room felt very hot but the windows were locked tight shut so I had little choice but to turn down a lot of the thicker blankets and only cover myself with bedsheets instead.

I sat up in bed and read for a while and then yawned, set my book on the bedside table and turned out the light. Just as I was falling asleep I realized that there had been a distinct change in the atmosphere in the room. As a psychic, my senses switched into overdrive straight away and I was fully awake immediately. I knew something was about to happen but didn’t know what. At the time I simply had no idea of what I was about to take on.

In almost no time the heat in the room evaporated and the room was cold and chilled. There I was in the hotel room, lying on my stomach in bed with the sheet wrapped around me listening carefully. Waiting to read the situation I had found myself in. Ready to react as soon as I knew what I was up against.  I could sense that something was drawing closer, leaning over me, observing me intently in the darkness. A creepiness started to prickle the hairs on the back of my neck and I knew something was about to kick off.

I could feel the shape of the mattress changing as if someone or something had sat on it. The mattress at the bottom corner of the bed started to bow and bend down.The pressure then started to spread up the bed, I could feel the pressure starting to press on the backs of my calves, move up past my thighs and start to press down on the lower part of my back.It was horrible.

As I lay in the dark in that hotel room I didn’t know what was happening to me, I had never had an experience like it,  but I knew that I didn’t like what was going on. I felt afraid and vulnerable and pulled the sheets over my head even further trying to hide in vain from what was coming towards me.

The pressure was up to the top of my shoulders now, the sheets now were starting to feel colder than cold, the chill penetrated right through the fabric. As the pressure was bearing down more heavily along the length of my body it was getting harder to breathe, so my breathing was becoming more shallow too. The sound of my heart beating in my ears was deafening. This entity was going to attack me in some way and I was unable to move, I was completelty paralysed. There was nothing I could do to save myself.

I lay there trying to imagine myself surrounded by a golden ball of protective light, a shield of energy that would protect me from whatever was trying to overcome me. This was the way I had always been told to protect myself. I kept losing my nerve though, and every time I lost my nerve my concentration on that protective ball of light would falter and, therefore, so did the ability to protect myself too. I could not maintain my protective energy shield. I had to try and reinvigorate it again and again but as soon as my concentration lapsed the shield disappeared. I was a sitting duck with an energy shield that was continuously collapsing.

To make matters worse I started to realise that there was more than one entity in the room and I was surrounded. This was some form of gang. I could sense there were at least 8 entities drawing closer and closer to me and I knew I was unable to protect myself. I could feel my throat starting to close and I was feeling weaker and weaker and more and more afraid.

In my mind I reached out to my guardian angels, and I asked my guides and helpers to draw near too. ‘Help me!’ I cried in silence! But I felt no change. Then, in a flash of inspiration downloaded from I don’t know where, a whirling vortex of brilliant light suddenly surrounded me. It was an enormous, magnificent luminescent shield. It was glorious!  As the energy spun around and around me I could sense that the entities were started to move back. I still couldn’t move but the pressure I had been feeling all along my back was starting to lift. The entities were not moving away but they were not drawing any closer either. I kept watching the whirling vortex of energy, I knew on some level that as long as I stayed surrounded by the whirling energy vortex they could not draw closer. I didn’t need to work hard to sustain this vortex, it was sustaining itself.

I didn’t need to concentrate to sustain this vortex, it was sustaining itself. It didn’t matter if I was afraid, it was not collapsing.

I lay in the centre of that vortex feeling increasingly warmer and calmer. The temperature of the room around me started to change.  Surrounded by this amazing shield I was growing more confident. I gathered my wits and started to fight back. I stood my energetic ground and pushed the vortex further out into the room. The entities pulled back from the edges of this vortex. If I moved the vortex the entities moved to avoid it.

I knew on every level that as long as I stayed surrounded by the whirling energy vortex those entities could not draw closer. I continued to move entities back further and further until finally they were pinned to the sides of the room and unable to move. They were not disappearing but they were not advancing either.

I stayed awake for the rest of the night waiting for the dawn to come and to work out what had just nearly happened to me.

*I didn’t stay in the room the following night. I complained that the radiators were faulty and that I had nearly frozen solid in the room. I asked for another room or wanted my money back. They moved me to another room. With nothing to disturb me in the new room,  I slept like a baby all through the  night.


Energy vampires will suck every drop of vital energy from you. 8 vampires looming over me would have completely drained me of every piece of vitality I had. I wasn’t convinced that my energy was all they were after… I knew on some level that I was potentially going to physically and even sexually abused by this gang as well.

From that day onward I have worked tirelessly to understand the intense power and protection of the energy vortex that acted as my shield that night. I will only use this level of power and protection now, the golden egg I was told to use was simply too weak to be of use to me that night. This vortex of energy is the reason I run my workshops…I want you to learn all about it, I want you to be safe too, no-one should ever be as I afraid and as vulnerable as I was that night.