Alien Implants

In search of Extraterrestrial Technology in the human energy field

“Amanda has developed techniques to locate and deactivate Alien Implants, important work to help those suffering to get back control of their lives and health”

Charmaine D’Rozario-Saytch

Do Alien Implants Really exist?

“90% of my clients that had Alien Implants didn’t realise they had them”

I didn’t believe Alien Implants existed until I began to discover them in energy fields during my Future Self Energetics therapy sessions. You can imagine my surprise when I found evidence of extraterrestrial technology hiding in plain sight. 

Since then, I have been collecting information on these devices. I’ve also developed a process to discover, define and deactivate these devices whenever I find them during my therapy sessions.

Amanda Nelson – Future Self Energetics


Alien Implants can include:

Control Devices

Location Trackers

Chem Tec Resonances

Timeline Manipulators

Data Harvesters

Malware… and more

Alien Implants can include:

Control Devices
Location Trackers
Chem Tec Resonances
Timeline Manipulators
Data Harvesters
and more


Are there Alien Implants in your energy field?


What type of Alien Implants are they?
What do they do?
What are they for?


Find and apply the safest way to deactivate the Alien Implants without causing harm or attracting unwelcome attention

Alien Implants: How they work

Alien Implants are being used to record energy frequencies that are moving through the human energy field.

These energy frequencies are natural.

They are created as a result of physiological responses formed within the human organism.

Physiological responses create waves of energy frequencies that ripple throughout the human energy field. When captured, this energy frequency data can be categorised according to the physiological response that created it. This data is valuable. 

This data is valuable because when this energy frequency is deliberately targeted at a human’s energy field, the human organism responds physiologically to it. The response feels natural for the human & it feels as if it is their own response. 

This provides a sinister opportunity for manipulation of the Human Race. 

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I’m Amanda Nelson. I work in the body, mind and spirit community and I specialise in energy based therapy work. 

I have been an energist ever since I was born.

I have extended senses, I am able to see energy, feel energy and hear energy. These extended senses have enabled me to create my energy based therapy Future Self Energetics. This therapy allows me to go into your energy landscape and make adjustments easily and effortlessly on your behalf. The purpose of my work is to change the energy around you so that you can feel happier.

It was during my Future Self Energetics therapy sessions that I first discovered evidence of Alien Implants in the human energy field. I discover, define and deactivate Alien Implants within the privacy of my Future Self Energetics therapy sessions.

As well as being the creator of Future Self Energetics, I’m qualified in a number of other holistic therapies including Spectrum Healing, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. I am also a lifelong Healer, Intuitive Energist, Channel, Telepath, Empath and Spiritual Medium.  

I’m a regular Presenter on UK Health Radio and my weekly Future Self Energetics show is broadcast to over a quarter of a million listeners worldwide. I have dedicated my life to helping people improve their health and well-being.