A Lightworker’s Guide to power & protection

Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson

Amanda teaches all forms of 'Power and Protection' to Lightworkers.


She is a Medium, Psychic Bodyguard, Paranormal Rescue worker, Master Guardian, Grid-worker & Energist and the Creator of Future Self Energetics - an energy based therapy that creates  changes in your energy field so that you can be happier.


Listen to her podcasts on iTunes (A Lightworkers Guide to Power and Protection) and to her regular 'Future Self Energetics' show on UK Health Radio.



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‘A Lightworker’s Guide to power & protection’


My name is Amanda Nelson and welcome to my community at Beyond the Golden Egg. 

I have spent most of my adult life working in the Body, Mind and Spirit community. First I focussed on the ‘body’, then I focussed on the ‘mind’ and now I’m dedicating myself to the Spiritual side.

A problem many spiritual people face is that they are afraid to open-up energetically, to embrace their spirituality and to brightly shine their unique light on the world. I was the same for a while but not anymore. 

My life purpose is to play my part in the evolution of communal consciousness. I’m here as a spiritual guardian, as a psychic bodyguard, as an ascension coach and mentor. I’m here to help spiritual people survive the challenges of living at this special time in our history. Love, Amanda xxx




You can tune into Amanda’s weekly Future Self Energetics show on UK Health Radio, download her free podcasts from iTunes, read her regular contribution to Health Triangle Magazine or why not get involved with one of Amanda’s energetic therapies that teach power and protection to spiritual seekers, energetic beings and light workers like you throughout the world.



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